Let the ball run whith power,
the world is running now.
Let your dreams run through the grass.
We’re going to win!

Let the mysteries of the game run.
When are you going to sign?
The football dealers are on the run.
You’re gonna get doped today.

Chameleon, player,
Color-changing chameleon.
Chameleon, scorer,
Chameleon and according to the occasion.

Let the ball roll and get sold
To the highest bidder.
Throw the ball well and let them see you
on TV

Let the money run the game,
everything turns upside down.
Wet your shirt with dedication,
play like Pelé.

Chameleon, player…

(Let him come in, let Maradona play,
let him come in, let him play with Caszelli,
let him roll, long live the ball,
let it fly, let it dream with Pelé.
Let the FIFA mafia die.
Let him run, let Ligua Puebla play.
Let him jump, let the fans rejoice.
Let Ronaldo play, let the goal always live.
Let him win, let Cologne go up now.
Let the Kaiser’s passion return.
Come to the stadium, let Ronaldinho play
Along with Pepillo and the magic of Zidane.
Let Colo Colo play, and be saved.
Chile plays, so does the national team.
Long live Serrano, long live Libertad.
Cubillas returns, along with Chumpitás.

Let the legs run unrestrained,
the coach is coming.
Reveal yourself to the leader without fear,
stop that middleman…
Run like Maradona.
“It could be an own goal.”
Today you play for a foreign club,
you’re worth more than a million.

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