Gonzalo’s shoes
are looking for someone to wear them
long-range footsteps
on a fragile wooden bridge.
Defiant is the gift
enduring many steps
similar are the cases
of the one who walks upwards
or the one whose life was going away
like a barefoot dream.

Bare feet of purity
the walk is infinite
the moment was fortuitous
everything in him was certainty.
Force of nature
tender apple blossom
that sleeping innocent
that sails in thoughts
that has planted the foundations
of the pointlessness of oblivion.

Oblivion and greed
are shoes that knock
they pounce and make dizzy
hiding malice.
Pain became a caress
there was never a farewell
so much wealth lost
so long without your laughter
not even a breeze
to make up for your departure.

Your departure, crossroads
so many years of lamentation
bewilderment is transformed,
purified strength.
Your purified existence
Is a guitar that pours
in sound that doesn’t lie
when you evoke Domingo
many mouths are fed
of the love that you are seed.

Seed, sun, joy
in every neighbourhood and landscape
in every street and passage
your breath was felt.
Something I didn’t see before
became evident because of you
how fruitful is the science
of loving without any qualms
seducing, true and clear,
dancing to the appearance.

White tears fall
coldly and fluttering
early in the morning they surround you;
shoes leave marks.
In the clouds float boats
accompanying your journey
ennobling the message
in such noisy silence
remembering you luminous:
is my sincere homage.

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