Your goodness was infinite,
beyond the fears
that earth tremors provoke
patience withers.
You give everything, you take nothing away
so necessary freedom
facing the precarious
evolution of hard years
protecting from the harms
of solitary anguish.

Your vagabond tenderness
clearly wants so much
and awakens in alarm
the illusion that abounds so much.
May the earth not sink,
may the rain cover the field,
that she may travel to Huasco,
and may the winding tide
unravel beautiful mother
the mysteries of your charm.
The mysteries of your charm…

Your wrinkles so sublime
were the smiling maps,
the support of bridges
where a thousand gardens hang.
Longing for kites
clarity in the deep
holding the world alone
clear trace of the night
accepting without reproach
the dying instant.

Embroidering a beautiful shawl
In the unkind night
but the indispensable bread
never lacking in the morning.
And you, opening the window
with your prodigious hands
awakening butterflies,
a breakfast inventing,
a puppy nursing,
giving meaning to the things.

Giving meaning to the things…

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